The Carolinas Bearded Collie Club (CBCC), a regional club of the Bearded Collie Club of America (BCCA), has initiated and designated a Rescue Committee to provide rescue service within the region served by the Carolinas Bearded Collie Club. The purpose of CBCC's rescue program is to prevent the suffering of lost, abandoned or unwanted Bearded Collies and, whenever possible, place them in good homes. CBCC's Rescue Committee works within the guidelines of the Bearded Collie Club of America's Rescue Committee.

We are dedicated to preserving the lives, health and welfare of Bearded Collies. Our organization covers the states of North and South Carolina, however we will assist any Bearded Collie that is in need.

We will accept any purebred Bearded Collie regardless of age or physical condition.

Any purebred Bearded Collie that is legally turned over to us is immediately taken to one of our participating veterinarians for a complete health check, vaccinations, if needed, and is spayed/neutered. The Beardie is then placed into one of our foster homes for an undetermined length of time (depending on its condition) for a complete evaluation and, if necessary, retraining, rehabilitation and restoration of health. The Beardie will be kept in foster care as long as necessary to prepare it for entry into its new and permanent home. Due to the care and consideration we take in placing the "rescued" Beardie, our success rate is approximately 95%.

When the Beardie is placed with its new family, a member of our committee will be in constant contact with the new family to encourage and help with any adjustments. A $150 fee is required upon adoption to help defray the actual expenses incurred by the committee for transporting, boarding, and providing medical care for the Beardie.

Those wishing to adopt a Bearded Collie should contact Cindy Alspaugh at (704) 574-0325, Karen Drummond at (803) 736-2325, Gail Romine at (803) 865-6631 or Meta Wasson at (803) 548-7190.  You may also complete the following Application to Adopt a Rescue Beardie and forward it to one of the individuals listed on the form.  Note that this is a fillable PDF document that may be printed or saved on your computer.

For more information about the BCCA Bearded Collie Rescue Committee, use the following link: 

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Application to Adopt a Rescue Beardie